Universal Handle


Universal Handle fits all Dragonslayers Tool Heads. Hickory handle with CNC alloy fitting.
2.1 lbs., 37″L. Red.

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The centerpiece of Dragonslayers system. Weighing just 2 pounds, this specially engineered 37 inch hickory wooden handle with squared threads and a snap-lock fitting, is 3-inches longer and approximately two to three times the strength of a traditional Pulaski handle. The handle with its hardened-aluminum CNC-manufactured male fitting, is designed to lock into all Dragonslayers™ tool heads, hence the name “Universal Handle”.  The thick, square threads and the roll pin in the head of the handle, prevent tool heads from loosening and sliding off the handle, a common problem with conventional wildfire hand tools.

Each order includes Dragon Key (pictured in the slideshow) used to release handle locking button.