Troop Tool Kit


Includes Universal Handle and Troop Tool.   This is  the primary,  best tool head for temperate forests both Western Conifer, and Eastern Deciduous Forests.

5 pounds.

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One tool head, and one Universal Handle.  Picture shows the 3 main, push button  blade sets.  30 degree blade set locks a solid angled fire shovel for digging and throwing dirt to cool snags and knock down flame fronts.  90 degree blade set forms a better line scraping McLeod. (curved blade make a better angled slice through ground cover).  The high backed shovel blade makes a far better Eastern Council Tool for raking a huge swath fire line through heavy leaf cover.  The 90 degree blade held so that shovel tip hits ground first; forms the perfect stand erect chinking mixing mop-up tool.  Takes the drudgery out of mop-up operations.  Finally the folded back blade set against the staff makes the perfect safety staff for assisting in cross country travel.  When detached from the handle, the troop tool lays flat and compact to easily stow in the fire fighter’s travel bag.

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Weight 7.7 lbs

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