Tool Warranty

Dragonslayers™, Inc. wildfire hand tools are designed for durability and long use. The tools are subjected to extremely harsh conditions and prolonged use during fire seasons. These tools are designed to last for multiple years of use, and certain tool parts have been designed to be replaced because of wear and tear in the field. That said, we try to be fair and honest and to serve our customers when replacements and repairs are needed. Dragonslayers™ has specific procedures for warranty and refurbishment of our tools and accessories.

All Dragonslayers™ tools have a one-year warranty against defects. Dragonslayers™ policy is that tools under warranty can be returned to Dragonslayers™ for repairs or replacement. If handles fail where you honestly feel the handle should not have failed, we will fix it for free with your return to Dragonslayers of the male CNC fitting from the broken Universal Handle.