Dragon Swatter


Long-strap Dragon Swatter for temperate, tough turf grasslands.  Made of heavy-duty strapping and nylon rod with two CNC fittings. Used in light fuels and when when root system or organic mat is too thick to easily scrape line. 3.2 lbs., 47″L with straps extended. 37″L with straps folded for transport. Length of Dragon Swatter with the Universal Handle (sold separately), 90-in.

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The Dragon Swatter was developed as an exceptional tool for use with fast-moving, tough turf grass fires, where digging line is not effective.  The swatter replaces the ancient and dangerous burlap bag technique of beating our grass fires. Burlap bags are filled with organic matter and soaked in water prior to use on the fire. Water is oftentimes lacking on a fire.

The Dragon Swatter straps are tough and flexible conveyor belt strapping, which can attack flames around rocks, brush and other obstacles.  The two-foot wide swatter footprint is secured with durable rivets and a nylon rod to provide flexibility to the tool.  The Swatter never needs water and is 7.5-feet in total length when attached to the Universal Handle (sold separately).  The length of the swatter keeps the firefighter separated from the flames.  The Dragon Swatter is 9-inches longer than the conventional mud-flap swatter.

This is an ideal hand tool for use on prescribed burns in low fuels, particularly for wildlife refuges and national grasslands, as well urban interface areas with prescribed fire programs.

When folded, the 37-inch long Dragon Swatter will fit into the Dragon Transport and Storage Case.