Testimonials & Users

For over 20 years, Dragonslayers, Inc. has provided high quality wildfire hand tools to thousands of customers throughout the United States and overseas. Initially, the tools were provided to a small group of Federal Smokejumpers and Hotshot crews. Over the years, the tools have been constantly improved, and then fire-tested and verified based on feedback and recommendations from our most elite firefighters, all with the objective of providing the best universal wildfire hand tool system available. Our customers now include all six Federal fire agencies, many state fire and forestry agencies, municipalities and rural fire districts, the U.S. Military, International fire agencies, and many private companies and homeowners living in high risk wildfire areas.

A majority of the tool sales have occurred through “word-of-mouth” reports of performance on fires rather than as a standard offer through the Government Services Administration (GSA) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Wildfire Catalogues. To follow are just a few statements attesting to the tools and why firefighters have chosen Dragonslayers hand tools rather than the standard GSA/DLA fire tools. Pay particular attention to what is said about durability and pride of ownership.

“In a nutshell, the reason we continue to order Dragonslayers tools to supplement our standard GSA tools is superior quality and usability. The Dragonslayers hold up to the rigors of the fire line far longer than the tools we get through GSA… An example of superior usability is the Troop Tool compared to a combi. Even in the hands of a rookie firefighter it improves the quality and amount of fireline constructed over a standard combi tool…”

Escalante Ranger District
Dixie National Forest, UT

We have experience with your Dragonslayers tools. We love them…. I purchased two of them last year (the combination tool head) and it is definitely the tool of choice on my module. We will definitely be doing business with you again…

Supervisory Fire Engine Operator

The Dragonslayers tools are by far the best tool on the market and the Prineville Hotshots deeply appreciate them on the fire line.

Prineville IHC Senior Firefighter
Prineville, OR

Love the Dragonslayers tool! After much shameless begging I convinced the overhead on my district to buy tool kits for all our modules. I have used a ‘Slayer throughout my hotshot years and am now an assistant on an engine module. There is always a rush to grab the slayer tool on my module… Thanks for producing the best fire tool on the planet.

The crew loves the (Swatter) tools and we have been using them when we can. I would like to order a Tundra (Tony) pad swatter head…

Central Oregon Rappellers
Prineville, OR

I am trying to convince my overhead on purchasing some of your tools. I would like to get them started with the Magnum Pulaski. I have used the Troop tool in the past and was very impressed with the versatility.

Umatilla National Forest

We ordered a couple tool kits last year and we have seen an increase in our capabilities and production because of the Dragonslayers tools. I use the Troop Tool as my primary hand tool and I really enjoy it. … The great surface area of the Troop makes it a great scrape tool. I can quickly put in a check line when I need to. Also, I often adjust the Troop to a shovel to throw dirt or mud to cool down burning snags or to knock down flames on the fires edge…. The Magnum Pulaski and the bonnie slam are great improvements to the cache pulaskis and the poorly fabricated slam hammers that we used in years past…. Our crews fight a lot of fires in the West Desert of Utah. If engines cannot access the fir, the most effective method of fighting these cheat grass fires is to use Dragon Swatters… They are comfortable to use and very durable. The interchangeable heads make them easy to pack as a secondary tool… Your tools are well built, functional, and comfortable to use.

Alta Handcrew 
Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands

Thanks again for taking care of us before the fire season gets underway. Just FYI, we are all very stoked to use the tools. The multi-angled shovel is king out here in the desert – able to throw a ton of dirt and cut a nice wide swath of line. I included a patch as a thank you.

Ruby Mountain Hotshots
Elko, NV

First off I have to say that out of all the fire tools out there yours are the most coveted. Everyone I talk to out on fire line that has some type of Dragonslayer has never had a bad word to say about them, and everyone else that doesn’t have one is trying to get their hands on a Dragonslayer.

Fire Crew
669 South Highway 89a.
Kanab, UT 84741

Order a [Troop] Tool head for my Fiance to celebrate her just completing her firefighter Type 1 tasks….. I want to thank you for supporting everyone out in the field and for making the best fire tool out there!

       Santa Rosa Beach, FL