Bonnie Hammer Tool Kit


The Bonnie Hammer Tool Kit includes a Bennie Hammer Tool head, blade guard and Universal Handle. The tool head has a steel wedge head on one side, and a 4 1/2-inch wide grub-hoe blade on the other. The kit price saves $40 over the price of the tools purchased separately Kit weighs 5.4 pounds

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Bonnie Hammer Head. 3.3 lbs Tool is used to drive tree-felling wedges by chainsaw crews and for “grubbing” fire line when needed. Specifications:   9 1/2″L  x 4 1/2″W x 3 1/2″H; Grub blade 4 1/2″; hammer head 3″L x 1 1/4″W Total length 37 1/2″L when attached to Universal Handle.

Blade Guard. 4.4 oz. Blade guard is constructed of a durable plastic sheath and elastic webbing.

Universal Handle. 2.1 lb. Hickory, 37 ins. long. This specially engineered wooden handle with snap-lock fitting, is longer and approximately twice the strength of a traditional Pulaski handle. The hardened-aluminum CNC-manufactured male fitting locks into all Dragonslayers™ tool heads.

Important Maintenance Tip: Because the Bonnie Hammer tool head is high-carbon forged steel, it is of vital importance to detach the tool head from the handle immediately after use in the field, and that the tool head threads be greased, preferably with a lithium-based grease to avoid corrosion.