Troop Tool


The primary wildfire tool for temperate forests, western conifer & eastern deciduous forests. Adjustable angled shovel and scraping tool. Easily sewn to user’s fire line pack.

3.7 lbs.  Blade-open dimensions: 26″ L.
Blade-closed dimensions: 21.5″L
Shovel Blade length 11.5″L; Shovel-blade width 7.5″W
Depth of serrations approx. 1.25 in.
Tool head is pictured with Universal Handle which is sold separately.

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A stand-upright, push button, multi-angled blade sets, tool head, for versatile, changing chores on a wildfire. Digging/throwing dirt, scraping line, raking line, chinking/mixing/mop-up. Also used as a safety staff to eliminate falls going to and getting back from fires.

The tool combines features of the traditional military trenching shovel and the McLeod/Council rake. The composite steel shovel blade is attached to an exceptionally strong 1-inch diameter nylon rod and female fitting that snap-locks onto the Universal Handle (sold separately), stows flat for travel and can serve as a safety staff for cross- country travel on steep and uneven ground. This tool takes the drudgery out of mop-up.

Tool Features (with the Universal Handle, sold separately):

  1. Combination tool used as an angled shovel for digging and throwing dirt, with a push button to change and lock angles.
  2. The 90-degree blade set forms a better curved McLeod, for scraping line.
  3. The 90-degree blade set, where the point of the shovel blade strikes the ground first make it a perfect, stand erect mixing, chinking, mop-up tool.
  4. The tool can be a great safety staff and stable walking stick when the blade is folded back against its staff. The firefighter can drag the tool behind when descending steep ground, with the back of the blade serves as a braking mechanism.
  5. The tool folds flat and compact for transport in any vehicle, plus the Universal Handle always snap-locks off the tool to accept another tool head option such as the Magnum Pulaski or Dragon Swatter.

Many Hotshot crews are using this tool. It can hold up for as many as ten hard fire seasons and then be refurbished with a new shovel blade [link to Warranty and Refurbishment].

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