Tony Pad Swatter


Tony Pad Swatter for fighting fires in light fuels like  Arctic taiga, tundra, or tropic dry swamps. Nylon rod with CNC fitting that connects to the universal handle. Choose 47-in. or 52-in. Length of Tony Pad Swatter with the Universal Handle (sold separately), 84-in. or 89-in. 3 lbs., 47″/52″ L, Pad 12″ x 12″

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The Tony Pad Swatter is a modification of our Dragon Swatter. The pad is 12-in. x 12-in.  in size and weighs 3 lbs. The tool is excellent for fighting wildfires in Arctic taiga, tundra and dry tropical swamp. Works best on smoldering organic mats in non-rocky terrain. By comparison, our long-strap Dragon Swatter works best in temperate grasslands, rocky areas and brush.

Choose from a long 52-inch version or the 47-inch swatter that fits in the orange Dragonslayers Transport and Storage Case.


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