Troop Tool Kit


This kit includes the Universal Handle, Troop Tool and blade guard.  This is Dragonslayers’ most versatile tool kit for use on Western Conifer Forests and Eastern Deciduous Forests.
By buying tool heads with handles you save $70.00.
5 pounds.

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The Troop Tool Kit is is the best “primary” tool to deal with wildfires in all the Temperate Forests of the world. This simple, light and sturdy tool lays flat to be carried in a travel bag or backpack or in the back of a pickup truck. 5 lbs.

The Troop Tool Kit in the picture, is shown with the Troop Tool head in three optional blade positions. The blade position can be instantly selected and locked using the push button, spring loaded latch mechanism. The locking devise allows the fire fighter to choose best shovel blade setting for different fire chores. The first blade position shown at the top of the picture, is for a fire shovel option, for digging and throwing dirt to knock down flare-ups and cool snags, etc.
The second blade position shown in the picture, is for a stand-upright, fire line scraping tool.  The Troop Tool is a  better McLeod because the curved blade slices through the ground cover at a better angle.  The Troop Tool can also serve as a fire rake/Council Tool for use in Eastern Deciduous Forests to form fire line downhill.
This tool is a stand-upright, mop-up device for chinking and mixing  hot material with dirt. The tool blade can simply in set at the 90-degree position so that the shovel tip hits the ground first. The Troop Tool takes the drudgery out of the tedious mop-up operations.
The third blade blade position shown in the picture  is with the blade laying flat.  When laying flat against the Universal Handle the Troop Tool can be used as a cross-country safety staff to help prevent falls when packing out after a fire. The tool in this position will assist firefighters to cross steep, slippery or bad ground. Falls, going to and leaving from fires ranks as one of the biggest causes of firefighter injuries. This is also the perfect tool for Operations Chiefs and Division Supervisors to have on hand to scrap to install emergency fire shelters or simply to tamp down spot fires discovered while walking the line after the crew has passed.  The tool has also proved to be popular with engine crews.

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