Titanium Core Felling Axe Head


Axe head that attaches to Universal Handle (sold separately). Includes blade guard. 3.3 lbs.

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This was the original fire fighting felling axe developed by Dragonslayers.  The core plug is a lost wax casting made by the Ruger Firearms Company, made out of Titanium.  Too expensive to make and too difficult to machine it is no longer marketable, and will never again be produced.  These are now rare, unique and will soon be a very valuable collectors item; known only by fire history tool buffs.  We have only 60 left.

The BLM Bonneville Hot Shot Crew out of Salt Lake City created a better, Slam Hammer by welding a bar of steel to the Axe blade of our Magnum Pulaski.  That worked well for a while, but the Aluminum alloy could not withstand the battering force of driving felling wedges, and the blade began to loosen.  So they asked us to build them an all steel, slam hammer for driving felling wedges and having a grub-hoe blade.  So that is how the Dragonslayers Bonnie Hammer evolved.  A part of fire fighting history. that few know about.

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