Titanium Axe Tool Kit


The Titanium Axe Tool Kit includes one Titanium core tool head with 4,5-in blade, blade guard and one Universal Handle. The kit price saves $70 over the price of the tools purchased separately.

Dragonslayers has a limited inventory of the Titanium Axe heads in inventory and this tool head will not be produced again due to the high cost of manufacture. 

Kit weighs 5.4 pounds.

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Titanium Axe Head. 3.3 lb. The titanium axe head is made of extremely durable titanium, the axe blade is made of 1075 steel having a Rockwell Hardness of 54.  The tool has an axe blade on one side and a flat-headed “slam hammer” on the other. Worn axe blades can be replaced using Dragonslayers Tool Refurbishment services.

This tool was Dragonslayers’ original answer for a durable tool to drive tree-felling wedges. It will become a “collectors” item since it is too expensive to produce again, so when our current inventory is gone it is gone for good.. The original casting form for this tool head was made by the Ruger Firearms Company.

Blade Guard. 4.4 oz.  Blade guard is constructed of a durable plastic sheath and elastic webbing.  

Universal Handle. 2.1 lb. Hickory, 37 ins. long. This specially engineered wooden handle with snap-lock fitting, is longer and approximately twice the strength of a traditional Pulaski handle. The hardened-aluminum CNC-manufactured male fitting locks into all Dragonslayers™ tool heads.