Magnum Pulaski


The Magnum Pulaski is the tool-of-choice for many wildland fire fighters. Through it’s design, the Dragonslayers Magnum Pulaski addresses the weaknesses of the  100-year old traditional Pulaski design still used by many firefighters.  The tool is excellent for cutting and grubbing and the blades are replaceable when worn.  3.3 lbs., 13″L, 5.5″ W, 4.5″H Grub-blade width 5.5 in., Chopping blade width 4.5 in. Includes blade guard. Universal Handle sold separately.

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The Magnum Pulaski is truly as “forever Pulaski”. The tool head is weight-balanced, the Grub-hoe blade is twice as wide as the traditional Pulaski and the blades are replaceable as they wear. There are wildfire crews who are on their fifth set of replaceable blades on their original tool heads.

Features of the Magnum Pulaski include:

  1. Shear strength – the Magnum Pulaski is three times stronger than the traditional Pulaski.
  2. Longer Handle – When attached to the Universal Handle (sold separately), the Magnum Pulaski is 37 inches; the old Pulaski is 34 inches.
  3. Balance made safer by putting fulcrum at center hole for tool handle.
  4. Wide grub-hoe blade.
  5. Axe and grub-hoe blades are replaceable when they wear down, a true “forever” tool
  6. Pulaski tool head is held to the Universal Handle by thick square threads and spring locking pin.
  7. Magnum Pulaski can be safely stowed in the safety pouch [link to accessories] on outside of line fire pack.
  8. Bungee-connected tool guards for blades far safer than traditional tool guards.
  9. Two stainless screws are stored in bungee webbing for use in making an emergency handle from a sapling. Two holes are drilled in the Magnum Pulaski Head to allow for this option.

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