Dragon Wizz Wheel & Fire Management Books


Tools, Tactics, Strategic Doctrine – Three books plus the Dragon Wizz Wheel Training and Remember Guide. The books: The 12th Principle of War, a Military book about the 12th Principle of War. Sun Tzu’s warning: “All well an good to know how to Attack By Fire, but it is imperative to know what to do when you are attacked by Fire”! A Wider Role in Wildfire, a book mostly about wildfire tools. Death in the Short Grasses is about Fire Management. What to do as an option to revert to; for those times when suppression will fail and critical sites will be swept over by extreme fire storm. The Dragon WIZZ Wheel 8′ X 8″ plastic training and remember guide. This simple tool lays out a graphic, specific, fire management blueprint to instantly convert managed ground around a home into a Safety Harbor Area. This device shows how and where to black-line, three circular control lines precisely and systematically to safely burn off all calories around a prepared critical site before a killer fire storm rolls over a home. A clear, moveable over lay disk with a wind arrow on it has attached flame dots. When oriented to winds on site, it shows where to begin applying controlled fire in semi circles in front of the control lines and how to tie the gathering low intensity flames into your anchor points. The Stronger the Conditions; the safer and faster this well tested scheme works to produce a huge black spot around, what you do not want destroyed.

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