Bonnie Hammer


Cast steel “slam-hammer” Bonnie Hammer tool head is known as a Swamper’s Tool. Used for driving felling wedges, and grubbing while helping the sawyer.  Most crews now carry 4 chain saws hence four Swampers.

4.2 lbs.,  10″L  x 5″W x 3.5″H; Grub blade 5″
37.5″L attached to Universal Handle (sold separately)
Includes blade guard.

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The Bonnie Hammer tool is made for tree fellers (“swampers” or the chainsaw assistant crews) who help the sawyers. On most Hotshot Crews they carry four chainsaws with their 20 person crews. This tool came about when the Bonneville Hotshot Crew out of Salt Lake City, requested a combination tool used to drive felling wedges and for grubbing line. They asked Dragonslayers™ to make a solid steel Slam hammer for use on our Universal Handle (sold separately). Dragonslayers™ now produces this tool with the name “Bonnie Hammer“. The Bonnie Hammer has a steel wedge head on one side, and a 5-inch wide  grub-hoe blade on the other.