Our Current Featured Training

Black Donut of Death

A Survival Option For When Suppression Will Fail! Global Warming &
Coordinated, Aerial, Wildfire Attacks, Spawned by Terrorists
Demands Shaping the Battle Space with a Universal Survival Blueprint

Training for Climate Intensification. A survival option for those times when traditional suppression will fail. When and How to revert to this simple procedure to safely make an extreme fire storm pass and do no harm. Our future is faster, hotter, more deadly fire storms and even coordinated, aerial spawned WMD attacks by terrorists. Small aircraft laying out thousands of fire starts, perpendicular to strong, regional wind events; mostly at night so by morning all starts have burned together for hundreds of miles. 200′ flames sweeping across terrain.

This makes the land owner COMMAND events and consistently eliminates loss.

At our brick, mortar and steel center we manufacture our products and teach our strategic fire management methods.

Other Training Programs

Wildfire Management and “Escape Fire” Academy
A two-day live fire program. Trains interface dwellers & fire people to position critical sites to be ever-ready to burn out all light fuels inside a prepared cauldron. Our students become confident, experienced users of fire as a tool to control events that are beyond all possible suppression efforts. We begin the extraordinary task of making the society Fire-safe & Fire Tolerant!

Fire Management for Fire Departments and Agencies
We come to your location and help you advance your team beyond just water squirting to a complete fire management program. We’ll provide an effective option for those times when initial attack will fail. We can ensure that all people inside your fire jurisdiction become fire resources rather than becoming a bigger part of the growing interface problem. Lights will go on in your mind and you’ll have an new set of skills for fire suppression teams working together.

Fire Management for Interface Dwellers
We will utilize your plot map and aerial photos (obtained at your county tax collector’s office) to build a custom a plan for your property or neighborhood. We’ll detail how to convert vegetation, apply the right ignition patterns to allow systematic and confident burn off between the three rings–safely and securely.

Prepare & Position Against Terrorism: Use the Ground!
Good generals use the ground correctly & make victory easy! Rural America has an easily exploited vulnerability: very small enemy teams can easily use small aircraft to deliver 500,000 to a million ignition starts every quarter mile. Done at night, perpetrators can safely vanish before daylight. The resulting firestorms, hundreds of miles in length, would produce much more damage than any other weapon of mass destruction. Our training encompasses actually giving the interface dweller hands on, simple-but-thorough, experience with a drip torch in hand. They become qualified and entirely competent to systematically burn out all light fuels inside prepared cauldrons.

Dragonslayers Tools

Each fire fighter can now enjoy a range of versatility never before possible. Our tools been designed by a professional to be efficient, light-weight solutions that also reduce stress to the body. Many tools attach to a universal handle that has a special cone collar that transfers stress to a wide oval mass of wood for great strength. The size and shape of the handle then distributes stress throughout the entire handle, rather than simply at the place where the metal meets the wood, as with traditional handles. We will also refurbish your tools when they are word through long use. This saves cost and is a green alternative! Give them a try!

We also have innovative training aids such as our:
Our Dragon Wizz Wheels

These units, graphically show where to lay a drip torch strips of fire, to do a safe, controlled, exact, consistent Escape Fire to mitigate the force & destructive power of an approaching firestorm.


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8455 Treasure Rock Road
Nehalem, OR 97131
Tel/Fax: (503) 368-7099

Our Services

We train land owners/managers to parry strong wildfires that cannot be suppressed by fire authorities. These are land management skills, not suppression methods. We position wildland fuels around structures, so that they can be instantly converted into a burned out "SAFETY HARBOR AREA." Extreme fire storms can always be manipulated to pass, yet do no harm.

Our customers are:
·Homeowners in wildland fuels
·Insurance companies
·Rural fire departments
·County building departments
·Home security firms
·Federal, state & local fire agencies
·The military

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Featured Products

Universal Wildfire Tool Kit – $495
For all fuel types found anywhere on earth.

Universal Handle Attachments– $150 ea.
These are three different tool head attachments crews have asked us to make for them. All individual parts cost $150 each. Three individual attachments can form a kit, and we simply charge a kit price, which would be $395 rather than $450.