Elite Universal Wildfire Kit


Four (4) Universal Wildfire Kits, one each extra Universal Handle, Bonnie Hammer, and Orange Dragon
Transport and Storage Case
67 lbs.

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Elite Universal Wildfire Crew Kit consists of the following:
Four (4) Universal Wildfire Kits.  Each Universal Wildfire Kit includes one (1) each Universal Handle, Magnum Pulaski, Troop Tool and a choice of a Dragon Swatter or Tony Pad Swatter
One (1) Extra Universal Handle
One (1) Bonnie Hammer
One (1) Orange Dragon Transport and Storage Case

The Dragon Swatter and Tony Pad Swatter will fit in the Orange case.

Tool quantities:
4 Magnum Pulaski heads
4 Troop Tool heads
4 Swatters
1 Bonnie Hammer head
5 Universal Handles
1 Orange transport case

Tony Pad Swatters are 47″ version.

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